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June 15, 2007



Thank you so much for posting this!!! - I saw the link in a Finnish blog; http://www.matkalla.org/blog/archives/2007/07/78_askelta_mobiilipostiin.html

I bought a Nokia 6233 in March, and obviously wanted to set up email on it as well. I spent ages on the phone to O2 support, they talked me through the setup thing, several times, told me to go and change the handset, and eventually got the same model themselves, and didn't manage to set up email on it. I was disappointed as I had especially bought the phone for a certain event where I couldn't have my digital camera on me, but would need to take lots of photos, and might want to email the full size photos to myself to make more space on the memory card. Yet, I didn't have the time to go and return the phone and buy something else.

Anyway, as I saw your list today, I spotted some small differences (other than the vodafone info, of course, which is O2 stuff for me), and as I'd nothing to lose, I thought I'd give it one more go.. And now my phone email works! =D

Should any O2 Ireland users ever read this comment, apparently, #36 and #67 should be "internet" (instead of "pp.internet", which is what O2 support told me..), and #42, #44, #73 and #75 should be "web", and not blank, which was what O2 support told me. Those are the only changes I made, and now my email works!

Big thanks!!


Got my 6233 at Christmas.. Gave up on it after a few hours and carried on with my Nokia 7610 (see my blog comments here: http://snipr.com/1nswi). I'll wait a bit longer until 3G things get a little simpler!


I got my Nokia E65 last week and I thought setting up the e-mail account with auto retrieval was very intuitive.

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